PROCESSING AND MARKETING OF PORK MEATdiscover the story of Suincom

Suincom S.p.A. is a leader in purchasing, processing and marketing of fresh and frozen pork meat, especialy pork legs of European origin, destinated for producing raw ham, cooked bacon and several minor cuts. Moreover, since 2007, Suincom has started a precise control of the product chain, having acquired a raw hams trade company ("B P PROSCIUTTI SRL") and, in 2011, a curing factory ("ROYAL PROSCIUTTI SRL"); and this has given rise to the birth of a leading food group in the meat and cold cuts sector.

Founded in 1996 by a group of managers with great experience in meat sector, Suincom has been directed in an innovative way, focusing on quality and quantity service activities with regard to its customers, the pork processing industry, as well as the end customers of the cured sector, including large retailers, wholesalers and importers.

Precise guarantees offered in terms of quality standards, constancy in product quality, control of the supply chain thanks to the Group companies, obtaining the most important certifications and international quality standards, guaranteed volumes and tight delivery times; these are the strengths of Suincom which went from a turnover of less than one million euros in 1996 to the figure of 2017 of a consolidated Group turnover of 210 million euros.

Suincom is located in Solignano di Castelvetro, in the heart of food district of the province of Modena, known internationally for the professionalism and experience of entrepreneurs and operators in the pork meat sector, with a production capacity of 150,000 pork legs per week. The company of the Group - "ROYAL PROSCIUTTI" - has its production facility in Sala Baganza, located on Parma hills, where the tradition of "knowing how to make ham" is historically present; it covers 21,000 square meters of covered area with a production capacity of about 1 million raw hams matured and 7,000 finished products packaged per day.